The senseFly eBee SQ Drone can fly up to 55 minutes on a single battery charge. This performance enables it to cover up to 500 acres in a single flight at 400 feet above ground level, up to 10 times more ground than small quadcopter drones, for extremely efficient crop monitoring and analysis. The result is fewer flights per project, for less time spent collecting data and more time acting on it.

The eBee SQ fully integrates Parrot’s Sequoia camera. This multispectral sensor captures data across near-infrared, red-edge, red and green spectral bands plus visible RGB imagery in just one flight. Once the drone’s images have been processed using a solution such as Pix4Dmapper Ag/Pro software or MicaSense ATLAS and AIRINOV, the Sequoia’s broad spectral data enables numerous vegetation indices to be computed including NDVI, NDRE, MCARI and CCCI. The resulting index maps can then be employed to assess factors such as a plant’s chlorophyll levels, a key indicator of crop health.

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