SAELIG COMPANY – Sol Chip Comm SCC-S433e


Tech Specs: The new Sol Chip Comm SCC-S433 from Saelig is an autonomous, wireless, solar-driven module that powers, controls and wirelessly connects multiple sensors to a central computer via the cloud. This ultra-compact, maintenance-free solar-powered wireless module can be installed remotely for IoT applications that require autonomous operation, such as indoor/outdoor wireless sensor networks, and for precision farming applications. As a wireless device, the SCC-433 module eliminates the significant costs and time associated with replacing batteries, or deploying and maintaining wires connected to the sensors. The SCC-S433 Evaluation Kit includes two SCC-433 solar modules, two sensors (temperature/humidity), a wireless gateway, necessary accessories, access to third party web server and set-up support.


The system’s energy harvesting technology is designed to operate continuously for more than 10 years with no maintenance requirements, removing the need to constantly replace and discard environmentally unfriendly batteries. Real-time sensor data can be viewed on a customizable web page from any location.

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