WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Spensa Technologies Inc., a precision agriculture technology company, announces today its partnership with TerrAvion Inc., a California-based start-up that provides aerial imagery for agriculture.

As customers of Spensa work with farmers to scout fields, they can subscribe to receive up-to-date aerial imagery of all of the fields, as well as synthetic maps and analyses throughout the growing season using TerrAvion’s image delivery platform, OverView.

TerrAvion provides tailored subscription packages for each region it operates in, providing value for the specific crops grown in each grower’s area. Using various types of imagery, TerrAvion views its service as a way to "abstract away the complexity,” and deliver maps that are ready to use so that growers can spend more time applying their expertise over a larger area.

For more information regarding Spensa’s innovative pest management technologies or to sign up for a free trial, visit www.spensatech.com.