ORLANDO, Fla. — From the 2019 Commodity Classic in Orlando, Fla., FarmLogs announced it will deliver high-quality and affordable aerial imagery to its customers through a new partnership with TerrAvion, the largest volume provider of aerial imaging real-time data for agriculture. Two new crop health imagery offerings, Premium Aerial Imagery and Basic Satellite Imagery will be available in time for the 2019 growing season. 

Basic Satellite Imagery delivers approximately one 10 meter resolution (similar to a yield map) image every 2 weeks. Satellite Imagery gives growers an at-a-glance view of their fields' health and the ability to quickly detect signs of stress and in-season issues before they cause more damage. Users are able to toggle between true color, color infrared and NDVI images.

Aerial Imagery offers ultra high-resolution (10 centimeters – 3.5 meters) data captured by manned aircraft giving growers a detail-rich look at what's happening in their fields and enabling them to prioritize scouting and to spend less time in the field. Crystal clear, multi-layered images are delivered 13-15 times throughout the growing season allowing users to identify field anomalies and to fix problems before they reduce yield. Growers are able to toggle between true color, color infrared, thermal and NVDI images.

Basic Satellite Imagery and Premium Aerial Imagery can be added to any FarmLogs subscription plan through the FarmLogs web app. Basic Satellite Imagery is available as an add-on for $20 per month, and Premium Aerial Imagery (which also includes Basic Satellite Imagery) is available for $4.25 per acre, annually. Basic Satellite imagery is also included in the FarmLogs Complete plan which includes the complete set of FarmLogs tools and features for $99.00 per month.