Top Intelligence, Inc., an Iowa-based Ag technology business, has partnered with AgPixel to provide high-resolution aerial imagery to growers throughout Iowa and Nebraska. Headquartered in Honey Creek, Iowa, Top Intelligence is one of the premier aerial solution providers in the Midwest.

“We chose to partner with AgPixel because of their expertise in remote sensing and imagery processing,” says Ryan Guthridge, Business and Sales Manager of Top Intelligence. “They have the capacity to process up to 1 million acres of aerial imagery per day, which allows us to deliver imagery within 24 hours and at a price that rivals many satellite-based offerings on the market today.”

This processing capacity has enabled Top Intelligence to develop a network of aircraft and pilots across the Midwest, that are each able to collect 250,000 acres of high-resolution imagery per day. The aerial data is processed into geo-referenced orthomosaic images, often referred to as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps. These digital maps allow growers to accurately assess the health of their crops and improve the efficiency of their precision farming equipment.

Top Intelligence recognizes that the need to improve from satellite imagery is paramount. “The quality of traditional satellite imagery is unpredictable, often containing clouds and delivered in 16-day intervals,” says Ryan Guthridge, “this means if a single image has clouds, a grower will have to wait an entire month or longer to get an image of their crops. By the time the imagery is received, it is too late to identify and correct any issues.”

Top Intelligence is able to deliver both 2D and 3D data products to customers in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, forestry, natural resources, construction, and mining. Visit for more information.