With the 20|20 added to an air seeder, its user has true visibility to row to row seeding distribution, not just blockage sensing. 20|20 provides a map of which rows are over seeding and which rows are under seeding so that it can be remedied. When combining seed and fertilizer, it instantly shows when one product runs out. Down force sensors allow the operator to know how much weight is being carried on gauge wheels across the seeder, allowing the operator to make adjustments to set the down force on the seeder as well as possible.

With 20|20 and down force sensors on each section as well as an automated hydraulic valve on each rockshaft, a seeder can start to utilize its weight wisely with SeederForce. When a target gauge wheel weight is set, the down force sensors measure when a section is coming out of the ground and applies additional force to that section. When another section is carrying too much load on the gauge wheels, that section will automatically have less force applied to it so that the gauge wheels are not creating compaction in the root zone and inhibiting root growth. With SeederForce, each section gets the weight it needs, not more and not less, maximizing control of down force across the entire machine.

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