WEST FARGO, N.D. — Titan Machinery Inc. a leading dealer network of full service agricultural and construction equipment stores, announced today it has partnered with AgriSync to provide its customers with quicker, easier and more complete support for precision solutions. Using the AgriSync app, customers now have access to Titan Precision Farming Specialists with live video support, automatic issue tracking and alerts, and "how to" videos, among others. By simply downloading and logging into the free app, customers have a direct connection to their local precision advisor together with a team of additional precision resources from across Titan's wide footprint.

“Our customers increasingly depend on precision solutions that range from autosteer and variable-rate planting to farm data management in order to improve their productivity, yields and profits,” said Jim Lilleberg, Titan's director of Precision Solutions. “That means we need to be ready with our Expert Team to support all aspects of equipment hardware, software, connectivity, data and beyond. AgriSync helps get our expertise to the customer faster and more reliably wherever they are and whatever the issue, using just a smartphone and a simple app.”

Precision agriculture continues to advance rapidly with growing participation across the entire farming value chain.  Titan Machinery has recognized that together with the additional value that precision products and services provide to customers comes increasing complexity: Subscriptions, installations, connectivity, compatibility, calibrations, operation, measurement, data security, etc.  Titan is actively working and developing new partnerships to maximize this value while easing the burden on its customers. In February, Titan announced a strategic alliance with Farmers Edge to bring its advanced and fully integrated precision suite to customers across its wide footprint, and with this AgriSync agreement is taking another key step in delivering complete and uncomplicated precision support.

“I'm especially excited about our new alliance with Titan Machinery because it takes full advantage of AgriSync capabilities to solve farmers' most complex problems in the field,” said Casey Niemann, president of AgriSync. “As precision technology issues arise, Titan experts can experience them side-by-side with customers in real-time video to troubleshoot, explain and collaborate to accelerate resolution.”

AgriSync is the first remote support app for agriculture. It enables live video calling, which will assist subject matter experts in providing better service to their farmer customers when breakdowns occur or decisions need to be made. The live video technology allows the advisor to see exactly what the farmer sees to help bring speed to resolving the issue. Within the app, advisors can organize and manage their help requests through a ticketing system and obtain instant feedback from customers about the quality of service they received.