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Yetter Farm Equipment 5000 Stalk Devastator™

The 5000 Stalk Devastator™ prevents damage to tires and tracks on equipment, saving the big expense of replacing tires. The spring loaded rollers underneath the corn head that utilize formed rebar with traction bar to knock over, crimp and crush stalks to open when rolling through the field resulting in faster microbial breakdown that leads to improved field and spring planting conditions.

The Devastator leaves the stalks attached, preserving the residue cover and keeping it in place during high winds, protecting against erosion. It is quick and easy to install with mounting kits available for many different corn head models including the NEW design for chopping and 20 inch corn heads available fall 2018.

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Fantini Headers by Hamilton Systems

Every farmer knows that costly breakdowns and the resulting delays, especially during harvest, can hurt your bottom line. Fantini headers poses qualities that can be seen on and off the field. Technologically sophisticated, yet simple, these headers perform and excel where others cannot. High efficiency, low-maintenance PTO-driven gearboxes eliminate slippage and power loss as they provide outstanding performance even in the most trying conditions. Fantini headers are built for a longer working life, higher acreages and lower cost of ownership.

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Group Schumacher EasyCut II Cutting Systems

Successful harvesting starts here!

The SCH EasyCut II cutting system is an essential component for successful combining and is deployed around the world for efficient harvesting of cereals, soybeans, rice and other crops. The Easycut system stands for exceptional stability, reliable, long life, excellent cutting force, reliable, quiet running and enables maximum performance from your combine harvester. All parts are bolted for easy handling and replacement and will fit common cutter bar designs.

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MacDon 1 Series FlexDraper® Headers

Next Level Draper Performance!

MacDon 1 Series FlexDraper® Headers are designed to maximize productivity in the most challenging harvesting conditions. From our Active Float System that keeps our headers true-to-the-ground, to the outstanding pick-up performance of our reel, to the combine optimized increased capacity of our FeedMacX crop feeding system. It all adds up to getting the most from your field, in any crop, in any condition and on any combine. Take your harvest performance to the next level with MacDon.

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Capello Headers

The Capello QUASAR corn head, known for low maintenance and high-efficiency performance, are available in nearly any row or spacing configuration possible, both rigid and folding.

The GLADIATOR is a machine designed to conquer any cornfield regardless of row spacing, planting direction or split/twin row applications.

Designed to fit nearly any self-propelled forage harvester in the world, the Capello SPARTAN is the perfect solution for direct-cut feed crops (greenchop).

A platform header designed to be used independent of row spacings, the Capello HELIANTHUS harvests any crop planted in any arrangement, including solid-seed.

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Drago GT

Every feature of a Drago GT is engineered for the singular purpose of capturing more yield. The heart of this system is the self-adjusting deck plates. These deck plates consistently work to automatically minimize plate gap — where yield loss can be significant — adjusting in real-time, at every row, always allowing the stalk to determine the gap size rather than the operator. QuadSuspension™ — integrated “ear shocks” —  are placed under deck plates to reduce ear bounce and butt shelling, two significant sources of yield loss at harvest. No other corn head works like a Drago or pays you back like one.

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Geringhoff Freedom Corn Head

The Geringhoff Freedom corn head is the only head on the market specifically designed for harvesting 15-inch corn with the innovative new SlimLine row unit. This row unit utilizes two gathering chains per row set on a 45-degree angle for the most gentle harvest possible in 15-inch corn. With its proven performance in down corn and the ability to match your combine capacity, you’ll be done harvesting your 15-inch row corn in record time. The Freedom mounts to all major combine brands with matching poly snout color.

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HCC Combine Reels

Smoother crop flow — less downtime. HCC Combine Reels improve performance and reduce downtime. We’ve improved on the reel with fewer parts, stronger components, 35-40% greater visibility, and lighter weight.

Better performance. HCC Combine Reels are constructed with tines spaced at 6-inch increments and bat tubes assembled to stagger the tines. This innovative layout reduces bat wrapping, reduces reel weight and creates an effective tine path of 3-inch spacing, reducing working distance between tines by one third. HCC Combine Reels effectively divide, lift, and feed standing or down crops, including soybeans, canola, wheat, lentils, irrigated crops, rice and milo.

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MDD-100 Row Independent Corn Head from GBC Equipment

The MDD-100 available in the US and Canada through GBC Equipment, is the only truly row-independent corn head without adjustments or modifications available on the market today:

  • Any row spacing
  • Any crop conditions — even down crops
  • Without ground seed restrictions
  • Solution to misaligned rows
  • Reduce harvest loss on overlapped headlines
  • Harvest every direction to maximize productivity

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