Lindsay Corporation – FieldNet Advisor


Tech Specs: FieldNET Advisor is the first fully integrated, turnkey precision irrigation solution that not only gathers and displays field data remotely, but automatically combines that data with a massive amount of third-party data from various sources and processes it into accurate irrigation recommendations that can be immediately put into action by the farmer on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The system does not require installation of any additional sensors or probes in the field, transfer of any data from one system to another or perform any time consuming manual tasks. The system can be implemented on any brand of electric pivot.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory-Installed, Available as Aftermarket Product


FieldNET Advisor adds variable-rate irrigation prescriptions to the company’s monitoring and control platform for automatically developed irrigation recommendations without the need for additional sensors, a third party prescription or multiple apps or systems.


WaterBit – WaterBit Automated Irrigation Solution


Tech Specs: WaterBit’s Automated Irrigation solution is a smart irrigation system that uses IoT technology to make it easy for farmers to remotely and precisely monitor and irrigate their fields. The WaterBit Carbon node is at the core of the solution. Smaller than a lunchbox, Carbon transmits data with long-range radio technology and is powered by a tiny solar cell. It is paired with soil moisture sensors for monitoring and with the WaterBit Block Valve Controller to turn on and off water flow. Using its online dashboard, growers can see what’s happening in their fields 24/7 and deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time — all without wasting time or gas driving to field-to-field. This precise irrigation also leads to improved water efficiency, less leaching and run-off and can improve crop yield and quality. Because of Carbon’s low-power technology, it can be placed directly on the dripline and under foliage. This means the system doesn’t need to be moved out of the way for field crews or tractor work, and it doesn’t take a single square foot of land out of production.


Just 6 months after installing WaterBit on a 40-acre field, Devine Organics says that the system has reduced their water use by 6% and decreased their greenhouse gas emissions (from fuel used for pumping water and truck trips to manually check the fields) by 5%. Due to better irrigation processes, the operation has nearly doubled the field’s vegetable yield since the WaterBit technology was put into place.


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