Veris Technologies – Veris iScan


Tech Specs: The iScan helps growers and consultants precisely map and manage soil variability while performing other field operations. The system features soil sensor modules that map soil organic matter below the soil surface and soil texture variability to a depth of 2 feet. This new platform deploys proven Veris optical and electrical sensing components in a flexible format that allows for immediate visualization and decision making. The platform utilizes a sensor module which houses the infrared and red light sensors. This dual-wavelength optical sensor measures the color of the soil below the surface to determine organic matter levels. Soil texture readings are gathered by measuring the electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil. Because the electrical current travels 2 feet into the rooting zone, these readings provide soil depth and water-holding capacity information that has significant implications on management decisions. 

Whether operators are interested in accurate variable-rate seeding prescriptions or better managing nitrogen, maps of soil organic matter and texture are crucial guides. The system allows for collection of soil maps while planting and performing tillage operations. Sensors attach to implements in minutes and provide a low-cost method of Veris soil mapping.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


The iScan’s flexible mounting options allow operators to scan fields during tillage, planting and even in-crop with a cart.


Teralytic – NPK Soil Probe


Tech Specs: Teralytic’s wireless probe contains 26 sensors to provide the most detailed soil quality data available, reporting soil moisture, salinity and NPK at three different depths, as well as aeration, respiration, air temperature, light and humidity. With no wires and an easy set-up, the system monitors fields in real-time with a dashboard available on both desktop and mobile devices.


The Teralytic wireless NPK soil probe’s 26 sensors are located at three different depths, so growers can wirelessly monitor their soil moisture, nutrients and more in real-time. This allows precise control over fertilizer application as well as irrigation, saving time and money while reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment.


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