Assumption, Illinois — GSI, a core brand of AGCO (NYSE:  AGCO), and 151 Research announced an exclusive technology partnership to improve grain quality by changing the way grain is monitored and managed. The initial offering will bring growers and commercial operators advanced insight into the moisture content of each individual bushel of grain in a steel storage bin. Originally developed by 151 Research, GSI GrainViz will be available in 2019.

Current technology largely relies on cable systems to monitor the temperature of grain in close proximity to the cable, leaving the majority of grain unchecked. GSI GrainViz creates a three dimensional moisture map using technology similar to that of an MRI or CT scan. Operators can see the moisture content of each individual bushel of grain and its location within the grain mass. 


The system can also detect human, insect, or rodent activity. Instead of reporting problem spots after they are an issue, GSI GrainViz users can proactively manage the quality and quantity of their stored grain. The system’s customer portal makes it easy to remotely monitor and manage grain conditions, control fans and receive detailed inventory reporting via any Web-enabled device. GSI GrainViz also optimizes fan operation based on the condition of the grain and local weather, saving energy and preventing the hidden cost of over-drying.

“We are excited about GSI’s partnership with 151 Research to deliver best-in-class solutions for agriculture. This partnership is part of our ongoing strategy to rethink the way grain is stored, conditioned, and moved, and will help our customers protect what they’ve worked so hard to produce,” said Tom Welke, AGCO Senior Vice President, Global Grain and Protein. “GrainViz fits well within that strategy alongside other recent GSI innovations like Z-Series Bins™ with Flexwave® Technology and the Binrite™ Grain Identification System. GSI is delivering on AGCO’s mission of high tech solutions for farmers feeding the world.”

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“Our next generation GrainViz imaging technology combined with GSI’s global grain system leadership will maximize grain condition and storage efficiency throughout the world,” said Paul Card, Chief Executive Officer, 151 Research. “This partnership will allow us to expand our research and development pipeline, with plans to work together and grow the platform to improve grain quality and provide meaningful business intelligence from harvest to market.”