AGCO has joined the NEVONEX partner network. NEVONEX, powered by Bosch, won the 2019 Silver Medal at Agritechnica for the development of an open digital ecosystem which enables more efficient processes in agriculture through connectivity and automation of equipment and workflows.  

"With AGCO on board, farmers are now enabled to deploy enhanced digital services and functions based on NEVONEX on their existing AGCO farm equipment." says Andrew Allen, Senior Vice President, Commercial Vehicles and Offroad at Bosch.   

Through this collaboration, AGCO joins other leading crop care, seed, farm management information system (FMIS) and precision agriculture companies, including Corteva, MyEasyFarm, Syngenta, Topcon and Xarvio, to offer enhanced digital services on AGCO equipment while making these activities more sustainable through more efficient application of inputs.  

Other collaborations by NEVONEX include a strategic partnership with Solinftec in 2019, the launch of the Agro Link task data platform in 2018, the data connection with Climate Corporation’s FieldView in 2017, and in 2016, founding the DKE-Data-Hub initiative together with nine industry partners.