Valmont Irrigation, the manufacturer of the Valley brand of irrigation equipment, announces its collaboration with FarmersEdge to provide a synergy of equipment and services to farmers in Europe and Asia.

FarmersEdge, based in Manitoba, Canada, provides nutrient management planning and agronomic services to producers. Center pivot irrigation equipment built by Nebraska-based Valmont, the leader in precision irrigation, annually irrigates about 10 million hectares around the world.

This new partnership provides a package approach that will offer irrigation equipment, agricultural management services, and precision farming technology services to growers, said Kevin Dickson, director of international key accounts for Valmont. This additional level of farm services will lead to more informed decision making and increased productivity through the development of customized input plans for farming operations.

“We want our customers to have all resources they need to attain the best yield from their investment,” Dickson said. “FarmersEdge does more than support farmers with information. It provides real boots on the ground. This goes way beyond farm consulting and advising. It’s being there, checking in, and ensuring results.”

Services will include soil and water analysis, field agronomy, and irrigation scheduling, along with mapping, yield analysis, and variable rate technology.

“FarmersEdge and Valmont will work together toward our common goal, which is to make farms more profitable using technology and expertise,” said Wade Barnes, president and chief executive officer of FarmersEdge. “Our experience in precision agriculture goes beyond equipment and agronomy – it’s about working side by side with customers to maximize their efficiency. This partnership will help us take this to a whole new group of farms in this geography, which is very exciting.”

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