FarmersEdge announced it has joined forces with Pembina co-op to promote precision agronomy services in Southern Manitoba.

This partnership is aimed at providing co-op members with convenience, quality service and a flexibility of options for sustainable farming from an independent service provider.

Pembina co-op’s mission is to “benefit members by progressively growing business and community through co-operative principles.” 

Closing the gap between agriculture and technology ensures relevant information becomes a useful tool. Results show up in the field in highly productive crops, healthy bottom lines and back-to-back years of sustainable growth. FarmersEdge services go beyond information, equipment or agronomy support, they provide boots on the ground and work side by side with the farmer achieving results.

FarmersEdge is now offering high value exclusive products — precision solutions that combine data and weather hardware, software, precision agronomy services and technological support. These premium products allow growers to make advanced management decisions, optimize inputs, maximize yields and measure results.

Since Precision Solutions are now available to Pembina Co-op members, FarmersEdge can facilitate the farmer with “better utilization of assets that can provide precision application(s),” says Robin Ponto, Business Development Manager at FarmersEdge. We are “a third party service provider that benefits everyone.”

Dale Pouteau, General Manager of Pembina co-op adds, “We are excited about the additional services that our Co-op Agro Centres are able to provide our members through this partnership with FarmersEdge. Farmers may also be able to capitalize on increased market value for their crops as they are able to meet the growing consumer demand for information on how their food is produced. Pembina Co-op’s partnership with Farmers Edge will enable us to strengthen our relationships with our farmers by improving the profitability in growing a crop.”