The AgGateway Precision Ag Council is looking to continue the SPADE project by reconstituting as the SPADE2 project.

The Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange (SPADE) project was intended to streamline and encourage adoption of precision ag practices, and even though the project accomplished a lot, there is plenty of work ahead to reach the ultimate goals.

“The SPADE project demonstrated an unprecedented level of collaboration with over thirty agriculture companies working together to address long-standing field operations interoperability issues. The project team is eager to carry their momentum forward to the next project phase,” wrote Jim Wilson, SPADE Project Manager and AgGateway Standards Director.

AgGateway and the Precision Ag Council are inviting companies to join the SPADE2 effort by completing a commitment letter. Without commitment the project cannot proceed; therefore, adequate company participation is needed by June 19 for the project to continue.

The formal description of the original SPADE project is as follows:

The Spade Project involves the trading/sharing of agricultural data between farmers and the companies with the goal of promoting efficient operations. This data sharing requires the use of a common language among companies and equipment manufacturers.

The Spade Project Team intends to adopt existing standards and if a gap exists, develop standards for the automatic exchange of ag-related data between customers, businesses, and other stakeholders. These standards will promote a seamless, scalable and sustainable producer operation by lowering the barrier for adoption of precision ag products. Agriculture companies will benefit by removing interoperability issues, thereby lowering development costs.

Wilson’s contact information is (816) 516-8847 or