Great Plains Ag – Implement Command System


Tech Specs: Available on new 18-35-foot Great Plains Turbo-Maxes, Implement Command allows producers to make active decisions and on-the-go, real-time field adjustments to improve yields and soil health. For user comfort and convenience, this system allows producers to set, adjust and monitor the performance of their Turbo-Max right from the tractor cab. Producers can control tillage-depth with three programmable presets to make adjustments quickly, even on-the-go. Additionally, weight transfer can also be adjusted on-screen by dialing in the appropriate amount of down pressure applied to the wings. From a quick glance of the screen, producers can monitor several settings, including the gang angle from 0-6 degrees, the hydraulic reel’s down-pressure, and fore-and-aft leveling. These settings can all be changed using hydraulic levers in the cab.


The Implement Command system is ISO-compatible and works on the tractor’s virtual terminal so no extra monitors are needed in the cab. For tractors equipped with multiple displays, dual VT compatibility lets producers easily transfer implement controls to the next available VT on the bus.


Ag Leader – CartACE


Tech Specs: The new grain cart connectivity feature, CartACE, is powered by Ag Leader’s InCommand display. The system gives the grain cart operator assistance while unloading on-the-go and by sharing a live map of the combine’s progress and location through the displays. This helps the operator know when and where the combine needs to unload and which part of the field to drive on. While the operator is still responsible for safe operation of the vehicle, they can now focus their attention on unloading on-the-go.


The InCommand display in the grain cart automatically generates a guidance line alongside the combine and the operator simply
presses a button to engage auto-steer.