LAFORGE – Laforge Guided Hitch


Tech Specs: The Laforge Guided Hitch allows a semi-mounted (2-point) planter and applicator to follow the RTK guidance line with a high level of accuracy in flat fields and on hillsides. The compact design allows for precision placement of seed and nutrients in separate passes. The hitch replaces the factory crossbar on John Deere’s planters, and adapters for other implements and nutrient applicators are available. In addition, the system has been awarded an AE50 Award for 2017 as one of the significant innovations in farm equipment technology.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product


The system gives users the same RTK repeatable sub-inch accuracy on tractors with the implement. Users are able to enjoy the accuracy all season long and experience less crop damage within field passes during the cropping season, resulting in higher efficiency and improved bottom lines.

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