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Soucy Track Systems for Planters

Soucy S-TECH 012P track system can easily be fitted on John Deere 1770NT and 1775NT, Orthman DR24 and Case IH 1250, 1255 and 2150 planters from 12 to 24 rows without any modification. By using Soucy tracks, John Deere planters benefit from a better soil contact surface — a surface five times as large as that for tires. In addition, reduced ground pressure allows users to increase greatly their productivity while loading their equipment up to the maximum load capacity. Tracks for corn planters increase flotation, reduce soil compaction and preserve soil structure. As a result, with more aerated soil, crops benefit from better rooting and growing conditions.

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Yetter Farm Equipment 6200 Twister Closing Wheels

Yetter Twister Poly Closing Wheels have been field proven to effectively close the seed trench by utilizing the twisted spike design to breakdown sidewall compaction.  The twisted spike design crumbles soil, eliminating air pockets and increasing seed to soil contact, giving you closing performance when it counts the most.

The two newest members of the Twister family are the Twister Short Poly Closing Wheel and the Twister Cast Closing Wheel.  The Twister Short Poly Closing Wheel is ideal for shallow planted crops like cotton and sugarbeets. The Twister Cast Closing wheel, weighing 16 pounds each is a great option for reduced tillage operations.

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Yetter 2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener

The 2968 Row-Unit Mount In-Between Fertilizer Opener from Yetter Farm Equipment achieves consistent 2" or 3" off-the-row placement of starter, nitrogen, and other fertilizers. This attachment now fits Case IH 1200 and 2000 Series row units. The 2968 mounts between the planter gauge wheel and planter firming wheels, allowing use of other attachments on the front of the row unit. The 2968 is available in single- and dual-wheel models.  The 2968 places fertilizer with injection or a spring loaded knife.

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Steerable Track Kits from Gramlow Ltd.

Steerable track kits from Gramlow Ltd. will minimize pinch rows and keep your planter tracking straight. Complete bolt-on kits are simple to install right on the farm by the farmer. Tracks offer more than double the footprint of your 4 tires and only leave two tracks through the field. They will sometimes make up 4 times the surface area of the 4 tires on your planter. Use the steerable axle with GPS guided implement steering to keep your planter directly on top of strip-till strips, or keep guest rows perfect for post-emerge chemical or fertilizer application without driving on the rows. Axle spacing and track width options available to get you the kit that fits your needs.

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4Ag Mfg. Gauge Wheel Planter Tires

Made by farmers for farmers, 4Ag Planter Gauge Wheel Tires were designed to outperform the competition in no-till farming. With their durability to sharp stubble and rocks, these were created in the USA from our patent-pending tough proprietary composition. The easy installation process eliminates labor and downtime with no press needed. 4Ag tires often show no lip wear, keeping dry soil out of the seed trench. Available in 4.5” and 3” tires fitting old and new style planters. 4Ag offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all gauge wheel tires.

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Ace FMCWS-125-HYD-204 Product Roundup

New Ace Pump with Oasis™ WetSeal Technology    

Ace Pump recently introduced the FMCWS-125-HYD-204, the first of its standard models with Oasis™ WetSeal Technology. Designed for use in a variety of spray and fertilizer applications, the 125 Series includes the following advantages of the standard Ace HYD series pumps:

  • Compact design with close coupled motor for easy service and replacement
  • High-efficiency gear type motor, providing higher performance with less oil flow

In addition, the new model features these Oasis™ WetSeal benefits:

  • Isolates seals from the pumped fluid, preventing abrasive wear and sticking of seal faces
  • Prevents run dry failures due to operator oversight or priming issues
  • Larger bearings for longer life
  • A pump flow rate up to 85 gpm

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Cruiser Closing Wheels from Copperhead Ag

The Furrow Cruiser and Cruiser Xtreme closing wheels from Copperhead Ag products offer farmers an option for absolutely every planting condition. The wheels have angular teeth that will break up sidewall compaction and close the furrow. The width of the wheel will help with firming of the soil around the seed and will prohibit the wheel from flipping out any seed, even with shallower planting depths.  This combination of aggressiveness and control, combined with a unique ability among closing wheels to resist mud and plugging, make these tools the go-to option for all corn and bean growers. Visit today to learn more.

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Copperhead RK Products Line of Planter Repair Parts

The proven RK Products line of planter repair parts is now backed by the full sales and manufacturing team of Copperhead Ag Products! The gauge wheel arm and closing wheel arm repair kits not only fix any amount of wear on a row unit, but they stop the wear in its tracks, allowing for years of dependable service from your RKP Kits. If you are tired of wear parts that need constant replacing, fix your row units for good by visiting today!

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Closing Wheel Options from Schaffert Mfg.

Schaffert’s closing wheels eliminate side wall compaction and the furrow cracking back open. Add them to your planter or drill for better seed to soil contact and quicker emergence.

The Mohawk™ and Zipper™ break up compaction and eliminate air pockets as they close the furrow, without disturbing seeds. The Zipper is more aggressive, rototilling the soil and putting more over the furrow. The NEW all-cast Mohawk and Zipper are less likely to build up with mud and wrap in heavy cover crops.

The Chicken Tracker™ press wheel crumbles the top and side walls, mulching and mellowing the soil over the seed bed. It does not plug with root balls.

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4 Link Closer™ Closing Systems by Schaffert Mfg.

Schaffert’s 4 Link Closer makes your planter high-tech by giving you a dual parallel linkage system. While standard swing arm tail sections have only 4” of travel up and down, the 4LC has 9” of vertical travel. 

The 4LC eliminates planter bounce in the field, lets you run less down pressure, enables faster planting speeds, and keeps the closing wheels parallel to the seed trench at all times. It gives more even depth control and better seed-to-soil contact for even emergence.

The 4LC fits most double disc opener planters and comes with ground attachments for Mohawk™/Zipper™ closing wheels and the G2™/G3™ walking beam arm.

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Compact Clean Ride™ Row Unit from Martin-Till®

When it comes to row cleaner performance, the patent-pending Martin-Till® Compact Clean Ride™ (CCR) unit proves you can pack a lot into a little space. As the most compact floating row cleaner on the market (measuring less than 14 inches from the face mount plate to the front of the unit), the CCR delivers superior performance when coupled with the Martin-Till® Smart Clean™ bi-directional air cylinder adjustment system. Its compact design allows for fitting on planters with nitrogen coulters or where full-size row cleaners can’t be used due to planter folding and unfolding issues. Parallel linkage delivers easy floating action, especially when paired with Smart Clean™ cylinders. Plus, its factory pre-assembled chassis saves time and makes it a cinch to install.

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RFM Auspoint Coil Closing & Gauge Wheels

Interested in getting the most out of your planter? The RFM Coil Wheel System is proving to have the edge. With the ability to limit cracking, close the furrow and self-clean, the coil closing wheel allows you to be more confident for better results. If you are tired of replacing worn rubber gauge wheels, the spring steel gauge wheel is the answer. In addition, the coil design acts as a cushion to overcome a bumpy ride and augers the dry soil away while the coil closing wheel augers in. The system gives you more bang for your buck!

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Ag Express® Electronics Featuring Digi-Star® Indicators

You know us for our custom harnesses and repair services, but did you know we also carry Digi-Star indicators, load cells, and weigh beams?

  • EZ400: Basic scale for compact spaces – ideal for grain carts, seeders bale processors, cornstalk balers, forage balers, and in-cab applications
  • GT465: ISOBUS compatible grain cart interface system with automatic field recording and management benefits
  • GT560: An easy retrofit for any scale-equipped grain cart

Ag Express® Electronics is the leading provider of service, repair, and support in precision ag, serving all of North America from locations in Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana.

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John Deere Pro Series Fertilizer Tube

Totally Tubular Mfg’s design for starter fertilizer tubes puts fertilizer down below the seed, right in the root system of the plant. Starter fertilizer has become a widely used practice with today’s successful farming operations.

This simple, effective design is helpful with faster plant emergence and better yields. The fertilizer tube is protected by the disc blades and welded to the factory seed tube guard. Totally Tubular Mfg offers fertilizer tubes for a variety of planters including John Deere, Kinze, Case, White and Monosem.

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Wearparts Heavy Duty Seed Opener Assembly to Fit John Deere XP

Wearparts Heavy Duty Seed Opener to Fit John Deere XP are assembled with NIAUX 200 blade, heavy duty hub, 205 double-row bearing with 5/16” ball-bearing & pressed with 5/16” rivets. The blade, it’s components, and the assembly process make this opener’s durability unmatchable. Forges de Niaux seed disc opener blades have undergone patented heat-treating technology — extending its wear-life up to 40%. Reduce your cost per acre with Wearparts newly designed HD Seed Disc Opener Assemblies.

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Planter Upgrades from Moeller Ag Service, Inc.

David Moeller enters his 31st year as the No. 1 planter setup and maintenance supplier, having helped thousands of farmers with no-till planter and attachment repairs and upgrades through quality Martin-Till products. We can custom-build, maintain and repair your no-till planter based on your operational needs with Martin-Till row cleaners, liquid fertilizer knives, reduced-inner-diameter gauge wheels, closing wheels and drag chains. We also offer the Precision Planting 20/20 touchscreen display and data management system. Call us at (319) 698-4005 to discuss upgrades to your no-till planter before the 2020 production season.

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Martin Industries Weight Transfer System (WTS)

Excess weight in the center of a planter or improper weight distribution often leads to yield-robbing compaction, shallow or inconsistent planting, and reduced plant vigor. In addition, the natural reduction in weight that occurs during planting contributes to the problem of down force fluctuations that can negatively impact the accuracy of seed and fertilizer placement.

Martin Industries’ innovative new Martin-Till Weight Transfer System (WTS) addresses this weight problem by redistributing excess weight from the center of the planter to the wings. The kit includes:

  • In-cab control box which allows for easy adjustment as you plant
  • Patented bolt-on bracket design requires no welding and is easy to install
  • The hydraulic control kit provides durable and quick adjustment
  • Mounting bracket allows for frame-mount nitrogen coulter installation

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Pequea Planter Contact Drive Wheel

Pequea Planter Contact Drive Wheel will fit on most JD 7000 and JD 7200 4-6-8 row corn planters. No chains or sprockets turning whenever planter is raised. Less chance of chains being run off by cornstalks. No clutch needed. Eliminates the frustration of a worn out clutch. Can still use original seed and fertilizer charts. One wheel is enough for up to 6 rows with seed and fertilizer. May need a hose kit for vacuum planters. Certain planters may need a wheel floater kit.

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PPS Parallel Linkage Flange Bushing Rebuild Kits are Better Than New

In the past, worn parallel linkage arms and bushings have always had to be replaced with new and expensive ones.  The design of the Precision Planter Solutions’ flanged bushing kit keeps the bushings and arms tight so that the wear now takes place on the bushings instead of the parallel linkage arms.

Parts include a hardened flanged bushing with a small built-in “dowel” that fits into a hole drilled into one side of the arm, and a threaded hex bushing that fits into the flange bushing. A special shoulder bolt holds the 2 bushings together.

The dowel locks itself into the arm to keep the flanged bushing from turning.

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Wearparts Seed Disc Openers Have a 30% Longer Life on Average than Competing Blades

Improved life with sharp cutting-edge retention due to high hardness. Created with high-grade, quality boron steel, this opener fits nearly all brands of planter and drill applications and is protected with a lifetime warranty on breakage. These seed disc openers are assembled with a Forges De Niaux 200 blade and PEER bearings.

  • Patented 3-stage induction heat-treating process for a harder edge
  • Retains a sharp cutting edge to ensure accurate seed placement
  • Excellent resistance to breakage
  • Lifetime warranty on breakage
  • Better blade to soil contact
  • Blades do not roll over or break in rocky soils
  • Assembled in the USA

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Soy-Protein DUST is a Healthier, Safer and Cleaner Replacement for Graphite and Talc

This patented seed lubricant is the perfect seed-box treatment for your current planter or drill technology to use with any seed. DUST provides the needed lubricity for proper seed flow.

Cleaner: no more having to clean your hands, face or clothing from talc/graphite grime.

DUST is created entirely from U.S.-sourced soybeans.  Since it is made wholly from soy protein, it will disappear within 28 days from the furrow and provide more green-up and early plant viability. 

DUST is a low use rate product. Generally, the starting rate should be no greater than ¼ cup per unit of seed. PLEASE COMPARE COST PER UNIT.

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The Exapta Ninja Seed Bounce Flap Closes the Gap and Keeps More Seeds in the Furrow

The unique 20-degree forward bend of the Exapta Ninja Seed Bounce Flap closes the gap left by OEM flaps, keeping more seeds in the furrow. Since it is flexible and less likely to break in the field, it is proven to outlast other flaps by five times.

The flap on the seed boot is what keeps seeds from bouncing out of the furrow, and this is even more critical on air drills, since the air stream is also trying to escape and may carry seeds along with it. JD & aftermarket flap suppliers use a straight flap, made from materials that are too brittle – often snapping off in the field.

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UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System Gets Your JD 50/60/90/Pro-series Drill to Work the Way it Should

The biggest downfall of the JD 50/60/90/Pro-series drills is how down-force is applied—the rockshaft twists to compress a big coil spring on each opener. Because the spring is nearly parallel to the arm, the opener has almost no downstroke—i.e., the spring is applying the correct amount of down-force for only about 1/4” of its range.

The Exapta UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System offers:

  • Uniform pressure on all openers
  • Reduce/eliminate hairpinning
  • Less sidewall compaction
  • Get consistent depth!
  • Better use of frame weight
  • Greater up/down travel on openers
  • 3-year warranty on cylinders (some restrictions apply)

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