AGvisorPRO Inc is proud to announce veteran ag entrepreneur, Robert Saik has agreed to take on the role of CEO.

Following the sale of The Agri-Trend Group to Trimble and playing a role in the majority purchase of DOT Technology Corp by Raven Industries, Saik is ready to embark upon a new role leading the new agriculture start-up.

Explains Saik, “I will be joining my co-founder Patrick Walther, Director of Operations to drive AGvisorPRO forward.”

AGvisorPRO, founded by Saik and Walther in 2019 is turning the corner from development into commercialization.

AGvisorPRO is a brand-new platform for agriculture connecting industry, advisors and farmers together using an application that provides algorithmic matching, instantaneous audio, video, photo connectivity, rating system, archival and transactional capabilities. This new tool is designed to help solve problems and access expertise almost instantly.

Farmers, advisors and industry players can download AGvisorPRO for free on iOS, Android and desktop.

Saik, a life-long entrepreneur has founded many companies in the agriculture sector, he is an author of two books including the newest, FOOD 5.0 How We Feed The Future, he also leads 2 PowerFARM peer groups and is executive producer of Know Ideas Media with his son Nick Saik.