Next Instruments - CropScanAg Cloud


Tech Specs: To assist farmers to capture their field data off the combine, CropScanAg Solutions has developed a cloud-based website that automatically collects the field files from the combine for yield, protein, moisture, oil, starch and fiber as well as soil moisture, rainfall and temperature from on farm probes and weather stations. The farmer and their agronomist can access the files from a smart phone, tablet or computer. CropScanAg Solutions also offers a mapping service to convert the field files into a complete set of maps across the farm. The maps are then placed back to the farmer’s account where they can be downloaded. CropScanAg Solutions Nutrient Management Service can provide advice and diagnosis of the maps from their soil scientist and agronomist.


When the CropScan 3300H is connected to the internet using the built in modem, the data is automatically transmitted to the farmer’s personal account in the CropScanAg Cloud.

Farmobile - Index for Harvest


Tech Specs: Farmobile Index for Harvest is a crop progress and benchmarking tool that gives data subscribers daily, state-level crop insights as corn and soybeans are harvested. Uniquely crowd-sourced by and for farmers who use the Farmobile PUC device to collect real-time field and fleet data, the platform also allows users to compare results against USA-NASS estimates. All Farmobile subscribers have exclusive, immediate and free access to the data tool.


Users can view total aggregated harvested acres/yield for an individual state or group of states and chosen date ranges.

Farm Market iD - Application Programming Interface


Tech Specs: Farm Market iD data is now accessible to clients in real-time through its API. Now, agribusinesses do not have to manage and maintain the farm, farmer, crop and farm field data. Farm Market iD has created a sandbox environment where any developer can access and test the various capabilities of Farm Market iD’s API framework.


The API empower developers to integrate Farm Market iD data into their applications and systems for efficiency and automation.