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“Many years ago, the University of Nebraska quit using the word precision ag. I can do precisely the wrong thing with the tools we have today. Site-specific crop management is using those tools to identify sites and then managing that crop properly.” — Paul Jasa, extension engineer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Paul Jasa, an extension engineer with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has seen technology — and how farmers use it — change dramatically in the 50 years he’s been studying no-till farming.

In his opinion, technology is a tool, rather than a magical solution for every problem on the farm. If growers don’t think about why there’s a problem and instead focus on what technology to buy to fix it, they could end up doing precisely the wrong thing, Jasa says. 

In this episode of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast, Jasa explains why he and the University of Nebraska prefer the term “site-specific crop management” instead of “precision agriculture” and talks through the decision-making process for using technology as a tool. 

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