Farmers looking to better leverage field data and gain expertise from their local advisor partners now have access to a new tool. Newly launched MyAgCentral is designed to bridge the gap between farmers and their trusted local advisors, allowing both to more easily exchange data and develop plans using a single online dashboard.

Steve Cubbage, owner of Prime Meridian, a precision farming data management company in Nevada, Mo., introduces MyAgCentral, a central platform for precision ag teams to collect data, control their information and communicate with each other to help improve performance and pro?tability for everyone.

The dashboard lets the farmer pull data from different sources so they can see their whole operation using one login and one tool.

The cloud-based system allows both the farmer and advisors to securely access and share field data, reports, recommendations, plans, maps, etc. from any location using any web-enabled device. It is also the first independent system developed to specifically enhance the relationships between farmers, agri-retailers and local advisors.

“Most of the cloud-based systems available to growers today are one-dimensional and do not serve the needs of the modern farm,” said Steve Cubbage, Owner and President of Prime Meridian Data. “MyAgCentral is different. It takes a big picture view of today’s farm in terms of technology and collaboration. It connects growers to their systems, their data, and most importantly to the people they need in order to manage their operations. It’s all about turning data into profitable decisions.”

MyAgCentral is a three-tiered system providing an increasing number of tools for ag retailers and their grower clients.

MyAgCentral ADVISE enhances and simplifies the delivery of precision ag services from the ag retailer to the farmer, providing information in a simple online dashboard.

MyAgCentral EXCHANGE connects ag retailers, farmers and precision farming technologies, allowing the farmer and his trusted partner to create a team of advisors, all with access to the information they need to help the grower make better decisions.

MyAgCentral PRODUCE provides enhanced monitoring and control of a farm operation, including irrigation, grain monitoring, telematics and GPS hardware. Growers have access to a virtual farm view with real time monitoring of equipment and fields as well as local markets, weather and news.

Farmers, ag retailers and precision farming service providers can learn more by visiting