Trelleborg, in partnership with Agricolus, launched a new integrated platform to provide digital solutions for smart and sustainable farming. The unified platform provides farmers with additional information to help them increase yields and optimize farm management through a website and mobile app.

Combining the advantages of the TLC+ pressure management system and the specialized features and services of the Agricolus platform, farmers can improve the agronomic management of their farm by working in a more sustainable way. Users can take advantage of forecasting models, geo-localized crop scouting and remote satellite sensing to monitor crop health, prevent pests and diseases, and reduce variable costs by more than 20% by adopting the right tire pressure.

“As a company, we are thrilled to lead the future of farming. By creating this newly integrated platform with Agricolus, we believe we can inspire more farmers to leverage technological innovations to improve their business. Collaborating with the most promising developers and start-up companies, we can put the smartest digital solutions in farmers’ hands for more sustainable precision farming," says Paolo Pompei, president of Trelleborg Wheel Systems.

“This new integrated digital platform confirms and strengthens the strategic partnership with Trelleborg," says Andrea Cruciani, CEO of Agricolus. "Our collaboration is the result of the shared vision of the future of agriculture, where sustainability plays a key role. We want to promote digital transformation in the agricultural sector by providing farmers with easy-to-use, accessible and innovative technologies to support their daily work in the field.”

Trelleborg and Agricolus continue to merge their expertise, resources and technology following a partnership agreement in 2019 to support digitization of farming by building innovative, cloud-based solutions.

Agricolus is a startup developing solutions for digital agriculture. It was founded in 2017 in Perugia, Umbria – the "green heart" of Italy – and it aims to support farmers, organizations and professionals in this sector in simplifying and enhancing their work in the field by using cutting-edge technologies of data collection and analysis.  

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