WINNIPEG, Manitoba and RICHARDSON, Texas – Farmers Edge, a global leader in decision agriculture, and HBS Systems, a leading provider of turn-key dealer management systems and software, today announced a strategic technology alliance. Under terms of the new agreement, the two companies will offer innovative technologies, connecting dealers with customers and their machines to streamline equipment maintenance, reduce downtime, and improve dealer and producer productivity.

The first-of-a-kind deal integrates Farmers Edge advanced telematics into HBS dealer management system, connecting all brands and equipment types into one platform, enabling dealers to monitor equipment status, repair machines faster, efficiently schedule maintenance, ensure on-time parts delivery, optimize the timing of equipment sales, and identify opportunities for process improvements. This partnership is changing how OEM dealers collect and analyze data, helping them make faster, more informed decisions to proactively support customers through real-time insights.

“Over the past decade, our world has become more connected and responsive through the Internet of Things. Being a native web-based solution, the HBS NetView DMS is the perfect platform to deliver real-time information directly into the hands of decision makers,” said Chad Stone, CEO of HBS Systems. “With a true mixed-fleet solution, this partnership will allow all data to flow seamlessly to the dealership, where intelligent processes will enhance accuracy and efficiency in all areas of the business.”

“This partnership furthers our commitment to build a fully integrated farm management platform that solves farmers’ problems – before they are even aware of them,” said Wade Barnes, president and CEO of Farmers Edge. “The new solution will open the door for dealers to better understand their customers’ machines and move us down the path of predictive maintenance. This is the next phase of our digital strategy of utilizing machine information to allow dealers and OEMs to create a better user experience for their customers.”

Today’s farm data comes from multiple sources making it difficult to link, match, process, and manage. In some cases, the data is not quickly and easily accessible, adding friction to a process in which timeliness is critical for detecting issues early and making swift management decisions. It’s necessary to integrate data to connect and correlate relationships and unlock the value of farm data.

“By automating data collection and integration, we are not only easing the burden of manual work, we are also establishing consistency. This information becomes a tool for predicting when something is likely to malfunction or fail allowing for better maintenance in the future, real-time operational decisions, and less expensive unscheduled downtime,” said Ron Osborne, CSO of Farmers Edge. “These integrated, consistent data sets provide unprecedented decision-making capabilities and allow farmers to achieve significant gains in productivity.”

About HBS Systems

For over 30 years, HBS Systems has been the leading provider of turn-key dealership management systems and software designed for dealers and distributors in the agricultural and industrial equipment industries. The HBS NetView Dealership Management System is designed as a native web application that can be hosted locally or from the cloud to provide all the tools needed for successful dealerships. HBS technology is used by equipment dealers, manufacturers, and distributors worldwide.

About Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge is a global leader in decision agriculture servicing over 20 million acres worldwide with precision digital solutions. Integrating field-centric data, easy-to-use software, state-of-the-art processing technology, predictive modeling, and advanced agronomic analytics, Farmers Edge provides growers with scalable solutions to produce more with less. Using innovative digital agronomic tools, Farmers Edge solutions focus on the sustainable production of high-yielding, high-quality crops and are designed to optimize inputs, minimize environmental impact, and protect economic viability of the farm. From seed selection to yield data analytics, Farmers Edge transforms big data into timely and accurate insights to support informed decision making.