American Crop Insurance, a provider of insurance services in the Northeast region of the United States, has partnered with Farmers Edge, to create a data-driven experience. 

The solution includes access to a vertically integrated farm risk management platform with a suite of digital tools to enhance data management for growers and give them the option to share information with the agency to automate acreage reporting and claim filings. Powered by in-field sensors and artificial intelligence, the platform transforms data into insights and includes severe weather forecasting, highly accurate predictive crop models, advanced scouting tools, and automatic crop health change detection to help growers optimize crop production and monitor their fields from anywhere. Additionally, the platform includes Smart Claim and Smart Reporting, bridging the gap between field data collection and reporting.     

With over 291 million insured acres in the United States, insurance companies are embracing digital tools to gain a deeper understanding of their growers’ farm operations and create value-added products. This digital connection establishes season-long engagement, enabling the agency to deliver personalized protection that matches each farm with the right risk mitigation plan.