Agtech startup FarmSense announced June 14 a limited product launch of their real-time pest monitoring and identification device, FlightSensor. 

This initial launch consisting of approximately 1,000 FlightSensor units, will be distributed to select commercial pest advisors, farm managers and growers in California. The system listens to insect sounds to determine the number of pests in fields.

Originally launched as an incubator business at the University of California Riverside, FarmSense's FlightSensor uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time analytics to perform insect monitoring and crop management. FlightSensor is designed to save growers time, labor and money, and reduce the need for pesticide use while improving crop yield.

Traditionally, most commercial farmers monitor for pests by using numerous sticky traps. The manual traps are labor and time intensive, fueling additional costs for growers. Experts estimate pests to be responsible for up to 40% of global crop production loss each year.

Growers and farmers who are interested in participating in the limited launch can apply for inclusion in the limited launch, which includes a FlightSensor and access to FarmSense's online real-time monitoring platform.

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