MINNEAPOLIS, September 4, 2013 — Farmers, ranchers and other rural dwellers now have access to faster, easier and longer outdoor WiFi coverage than previous generations of wireless access equipment. Ayrstone Productivity announced the release of its latest outdoor WiFi technology product called the Ayrstone AyrMesh Hub2n.

“Ayrstone once again sets the industry standard for wireless farm networking by bringing the latest technology to typical rural businesses and homes,” said Bill Moffitt, president of Ayrstone Productivity. “The Ayrstone AyrMesh Hub2n is a snap to set up and it puts high-speed, long-distance, outdoor WiFi in the hands of people who really need it.”

The latest Ayrstone technology introduces the concept of the “transparent mesh”, where all WiFi-enabled devices on your AyrMesh network appear as if they are connected directly to your router. “This means you can easily access devices more than 7 miles away on your home network,” Moffitt said. WiFi devices may include remote cameras, switches, gauges, weather stations, and signals from tractors, combines and sprayers.

“This next-generation AyrMesh Hub includes a number of upgrades frequently requested by customers,” Moffitt continued, “including 802.11n connectivity, expanded network security, and outdoor range extension up to 7.5 miles.” Long-range wireless networks enable farmers to quickly and easily make use of monitoring and controlling equipment to streamline operations.

“With this new technology, farmers and ranchers are in a good position to enter the next phase of farm productivity improvement via wireless signals and hands-free data capture,” Moffitt said. “And, since all devices are connected to a home router, making them accessible via the Internet is super easy and does not require on-going cell phone expenses.”

The Ayrstone AyrMesh Hub2n is available online at www.ayrstone.com. For more information about these unique WiFi networking products, visit their website, emailinfo@ayrstone.com or call at (888) 837-0637.

Ayrstone Productivity is dedicated to helping small rural businesses, especially farmers in North America, become more productive by providing Internet connectivity all across a property. All Ayrstone products are designed for easy setup and use by people with basic technical knowledge. This ease-of-use, combined with the most powerful hardware in the industry, is bringing the benefits of networking to farms, ranches, and other rural homesteads and businesses.