September 16, 2013 — MTS Systems Corporation, a global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, has announced the launch of multiple enabling technologies for the precision agriculture industry, including position feedback sensors that enhance the performance of GPS-guided systems that are designed to increase the efficiency of farm equipment and crop yields.

As the worldwide demand for agricultural productivity continues to grow, the concept of precision farming has come into the mainstream.  Precision farming enables farmers to optimize the yield per acre, while minimizing the expense and environmental impact. This highly complex and technical approach to farming requires more accurate agricultural equipment control.

To meet this increased demand in performance, equipment designers and manufacturers are using MTS Temposonics® in-cylinder magnetostrictive sensors in several applications, including position feedback and control for steering applications and position control of various farm implements. "Steering today's mammoth tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers and other equipment at the required level of precision necessitates that there is a closed loop feedback between the steering system and the GPS-enabled mapping software, and this cannot be achieved with a manual system," said Bill Bachrach, General Manager of MTS Sensors. "MTS Temposonics sensors are being incorporated into global position sensing (GPS) and joystick-controlled steer-by-wire agricultural equipment to enable the operator to have better awareness and control of the equipment."

MTS sensors are also used in applications that contribute to higher crop yields, including seed depth and spacing control, sprayer arm height and suspension, as well as liquid level tank measurement and control for fertilizer distribution. By enabling better control of seed and fertilizer, there is reduced waste as well as increased crop yield. The sensors feature a durable in-cylinder design that is resistant to dust, water and other environmental factors, and provide repeatable measurement feedback that is accurate to within a few microns. The sensor design meets the performance requirements of rugged terrain conditions, resulting in fewer in-field failures, highly precise position and motion feedback, and simplified operations that enhance safety.

"MTS is a technology leader in the precision farming industry, working side-by-side with equipment manufacturers to meet today's ever-increasing demands," said Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO of MTS Systems Corporation. "By contributing to the technology that is revolutionizing agriculture, we are reducing negative impacts on the environment, while helping farmers meet the increasing global demand for food."

About MTS Systems Corporation

MTS Systems Corporation is a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors. The Company's testing hardware and software solutions help customers accelerate and improve their design, development, and manufacturing processes and are used for determining the mechanical behavior of materials, products, and structures. MTS' high-performance position sensors provide controls for a variety of industrial and vehicular applications. MTS had 2,147 employees at September 29, 2012 and revenue of $542 million for the fiscal year ended September 29, 2012. Additional information on MTS can be found on the worldwide web at