EOS SAT-1, the first imaging satellite to be built by Dragonfly Aerospace, has lifted off from SpaceX’s launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida as part of the Transporter-6 mission, according to a Jan. 3 press release.

The satellite is the first of a seven-satellite constellation in low Earth orbit for customer EOSDA (EOS Data Analytics). The remaining 6 satellites of the constellation will be deployed over the next 3 years.

EOS Data Analytics is a global geospatial analytics providers that partners with governmental, commercial, and scientific organizations. EOSDA creates satellite-driven solutions for agriculture, forestry, and mining applications.

EOS SAT is the world’s first agriculture-focused satellite constellation providing the agriculture and forestry industry with high-quality data to support efficient and sustainable practices.

Images obtained from Dragonfly’s EOS SAT-1 will deliver information for harvest monitoring, application mapping, seasonal planning and assessments that analyze information such as soil moisture, yield prediction and biomass levels.

Equipped with two DragonEye electro-optical imagers, EOS SAT-1 will provide 44km (27 mile) swath panchromatic and multispectral imagery across 11 spectral bands at close to 1m resolution – making it one of the most capable imaging satellites in LEO.

Dragonfly Aerospace aims to launch the remaining 6 satellites by 2025.

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