Airbus Defence and Space has announced the launch of One Atlas, a new satellite image basemap, which covers the earth’s landmasses with professional grade imagery. Available online, 24/7 and refreshed within a 12-month period, One Atlas provides agricultural organizations with easy access to cost-effective, high-quality and homogeneous imagery.
One Atlas has been specifically developed to support applications within the agricultural sector, providing the opportunity to delineate parcel boundaries, map agricultural lands and crop species, as well as being able to track and trace tractors and irrigation assets.
The service offers a streamlined workflow, and the costs related to updating, selecting, processing and hosting imagery are drastically reduced. Seamlessly integrated into the customer’s system, One Atlas facilitates the sharing of data across teams or partner organisations, with no compromise on security or privacy. It also enables users to plan, map and locate their teams, assets or areas of interest, anywhere on the globe, allowing operators to devote more time to their core mission.
“With One Atlas, we definitively reduce the barriers for agricultural clients to access our data,” said Bernhard Brenner, head of intelligence business cluster at Airbus Defence and Space. “We take care of everything: updating, selecting, processing and hosting – all to make it easier, cheaper and faster for our customers.”