Today, AGvisorPRO announced PERIGRO – an agricultural family office powerhouse – as the lead investor ($1 million) in their upcoming $3 million late seed funding round.

This new financing, doubling down on a previous investment from PERIGRO, comes on the heels of an impressive year for AGvisorPRO. The private social network experienced 23% month-over-month active user growth – more than 90% of which came from word of mouth. AGvisorPRO also established four reliable revenue streams, partnered with Fortune 500 companies and launched a highly versatile community feature.

AGvisorPRO provides access to experts who empower farmers with much-needed insights, ultimately leading them toward sustainability and profitability. By connecting those in underserved industries with the top minds in their field, AGvisorPRO endeavors to fulfill the promise of enough food production for nine billion people.

“Farmers need assurance that advanced technologies or techniques will boost profits while preserving land for future generations before they’ll adopt them,” says Peter Lacey, partner at PERIGRO and founder of Cervus Equipment.

“New technology can provide much-needed solutions for the agricultural industry, yet legacy systems and laggard decision-making hold it back,” added Robert Saik, founder of AGvisorPRO. “AGvisorPRO enables farmers to innovate with cutting-edge technology while meeting their ever-changing needs – providing them with confidence in their decision-making. That is why we are so excited to lead this round.”

PERIGRO’s investment will be used to continue to drive user growth over 25%, scale their revenue to prepare for a Series A round and advance product development across four key areas:

  • Marketplace revenue workflow
  • B2B and B2C communities
  • Marketing and lead generation for B2B and
  • A geographic expansion of the platform

This upcoming investment round will help AGvisorPRO continue its mission to directly impact the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices across the world.

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