John Deere showcased its new precision technology to the media at the company's new demonstration farm in Austin, Texas. Let's check out some sights and sounds from a windy day in the Longhorn State. 

Joe Liefer, senior product manager of autonomy, starts a fully autonomous 8410R tractor, with a 2430 chisel plow attached, from his phone, while Jeff Ronde, autonomy technical delivery manager, provides a different view from inside the cab in the videos below.

Elsewhere in the field, Deere's See and Spray Ultimate is moving along at its maximum speed of 12 mph, captured in the video below. The factory-installed system is available for model year 2023 410R, 412R and 612R sprayers. 

Meanwhile, Jon Gilbeck, construction equipment product management and electrification lead, discusses John Deere's four-pronged approach to delivering alternative energy solutions in the audio clip below. 

Inside the shed, we get our first look at FurrowVision. The new planter performance upgrade mounts onto row units and brings the eyes of the operator into the furrow, says Jesse Haecker, planting, spraying & nurture business manager. It's currently being tested in the field and is scheduled for a limited release in 2024. 

We also catch up with Grant Wonderlich, corn & soy solutions architect, for the inside scoop on ExactShot, which uses sensors and robotics to place starter fertilizer precisely onto seeds at planting.