September 19-21, the Salinas Sports Complex, home of the famous California Rodeo Salinas, will be the place to discover the autonomous farming solutions in action. During three days, expo, demos, pitch sessions and even a robot parade will take place in the Salad Bowl of the World. Please note that the traveling event through California FIRA USA not only focuses on vegetables but trees and vineyards are also at the heart of the environmental and labor issues that agriculture must address… just like FIRA USA!

• 25+ robots for farming autonomously

FIRA’s organizers, French association GOFAR, Western Growers and University of California ANR/The VINE announce that already 25 robots have signed up for FIRA USA 2023.

“Even if FIRA USA 2022 in Fresno was already a success, this year marks a real turn. Four months before the event, we already confirmed 25 robots and it’s just the beginning!” said Maialen Cazenave, co-director in charge of the partnerships at GOFAR. “Coming from California, other states in the US and even from Europe, we expect another 10-20 robots to partner with us and we have space to welcome them both on the exhibition area and on the demo zones (on vegetables, fruits, orchards and vineyards)”.

• From weed control to fruits picking, robots main functions at FIRA USA

Here is the list of the 25 robots from the companies that already confirmed their participation in FIRA USA 2023:

• Bluewhite (USA - California)

• Naïo Technologies (France and USA - California)

• Carbon Robotics (USA - California)

• Stout Industrials (USA - California)

• Agtonomy (USA)

• Ecorobotix (Switzerland)

• Solinftec (Brazil)

• Nexus Robotics (Canada)

• Verdant Robotics (USA - California)

• GUSS Automation (USA - California)

• SeedSpider (USA - California)

• Farm-ng (USA - California)

• Monarch Tractor (USA - California)

• Mantis Ag Technologies (USA - California)

• Burro (USA - California)

• Robotics Plus (New Zealand)

• Aigen (USA - Washington)

• EDETE (Israel)

• K.U.L.T. (Germany)

• Sabanto (USA - Iowa/Illinois/California)

FIRA USA will host the largest demo zone of farming robots.

Managed by Triangle Farms, Pacific Ag Rentals and the University of California, the crops will be available for the robots to show their functions on vegetables, fruits, orchards and vineyards.

Registrations to FIRA USA 2023 are open, please visit: <>