Solinftec has begun operations of its Solix AG Robotic platform (Solix Sprayer) in the American Midwest. The company has launched a website for those interested in ordering the Solix Sprayer. 

"Products that change the agribusiness business model need to have different access to farmers," said Leonardo Carvalho, CGSO at Solinftec. "Bearing in mind the projection of the product, the website should increase the scale of orders for the next 3 years.

"We will be the first agtech offering robotics in large-scale agriculture in an innovative way," said Guilherme Guine, CEO of Solinftec in North America. 

Over 20 Solix Sprayers have been delivered to major production groups in the grain belt since March and April. The robots have already been put into operation, resulting in a significant reduction in herbicide application. 

"In one of our clients' properties, we observed a 97% decrease in herbicide volume during initial trials, particularly in areas heavily infested with weeds," Guine said. "This underlines our technology's ability to deliver precise applications where needed." 

The Solix Sprayer carries out the precise application of herbicides, allowing efficient control of weeds, preventing their spread, and competition for nutrients with the target crop. The sprayer is powered by 4 solar panels that control its drive system and the spraying system, providing reports on crop capacity, weed identification, spray maps and more. 

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