Co-Alliance, Carroll Service Company and Premier Ag tested around 20 Solinftec Solix Sprayer robots in 2023, which resulted in the reduction of over 95% in the volume of herbicides applied during the recent crop season in the Corn Belt. The cooperatives have each acquired additional Solix units after the successful test run, Solinftec announced Monday.

“The three cooperatives are at the forefront of agricultural technology in the United States, and by adopting Solix, they realized the potential for changing the way they price services provided to American producers,” says Leonardo Carvalho, Chief Global Strategy Officer for Solinftec. “With the introduction of Solix, the possibility of change arises in how they charge for the service, not based on the volume of agrochemicals applied but on clean acres. This means a combination of factors such as weed-free area, productivity per acre, and the possibility of establishing a fixed value since the choice of the product to be applied by the Solix platform lies with the cooperative.”

WHIN (Wabash Heartland Innovation Network) has also partnered with Solinftec and will continue to use the Solix technology among its members in the next harvest.

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