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GBGI Inc. was created way back in 1993, and ever since, this family owned and operated company has been manufacturing the highest quality of hubs and spindles for agricultural companies.

Breaking Down Lindsay’s Acquisition of FieldWise

Rhishi Pethe explores the significance of Lindsay’s acquisition of FieldWise and more in another jam-packed edition of his Software is Feeding the World newsletter.

A schematic illustration of the standard Argo float.

A schematic illustration of the standard Argo float. Photo by: Thomas Haessig, Argo

Guardian Ag CEO Details Company’s Technology & Future Plans

Here’s something to listen to on your way to work this week. Guardian Ag CEO and co-founder Adam Bercu joins the eVTOL Insights podcast to discuss the future of his company. Guardian develops autonomous Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles for sustainable farming. The company announced a Series A fundraiser of $20 million earlier this summer.

New Company Aims to Make Precision Technology Easier to Use

Alfiya Kayumova and Evgeny Savin co-founded Green Growth, a precision ag startup offering a platform that aims to integrate precision software as simply as possible for farmers. Kayumova and Savin sit down with Ag Funder News for a deep dive into their company’s platform, and how it’s already making life easier for several farmers in Europe.

Alfiya Kayumova (AK), CEO and cofounder, and Dr. Evgeny Savin (ES)

Alfiya Kayumova (AK), CEO and cofounder, and Dr. Evgeny Savin (ES), executive director and cofounder, Green Growth. Photo by: Green Growth

A Peek Behind the Curtain at Sabanto

The latest episode of No-Till Farmer’s Conservation Ag Update includes a peek behind the curtain at Sabanto’s Ames, Iowa headquarters. Scroll to the 7:15 mark — the Ahead of Curve segment features a ride along in a Fendt tractor equipped with Sabanto’s autonomy kit.

Dealers Take Note: We Are Not Inadequate

In his latest blog on Rural Lifestyle Dealer, Tim Brannon writes, “Mainstream America has no clue what real issues are, like warranty claims, customers who don't read the operators manual but look at YouTube videos from some idiot expert who can only operate a camera, or the ones who come in at 5 PM with an armload of literature from all day shopping and ask ‘Can you beat this 27-item package deal?’”

Tim Brannon

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by GBGI Inc.

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