Trimble announced stream switching — a new feature allowing farmers to seamlessly stream Trimble CenterPoint RTX, RangerPoint RTX and ViewPoint RTX, over IP or satellite. 

Available for farmers using a NAV-900 or NAV-500™ receiver, this new feature delivers less down time and performance comparable to RTK without the complexity of base stations, the company says.

Given the importance of uptime in farming operations, this solution was designed to provide farmers with the optimal GNSS corrections stream, delivered via IP or satellite, depending on signal strength. In areas prone to satellite cutoffs due to elevation changes or canopy, the signal switches to the modem and stays on IP. For regions with bad cellular connection, the streaming automatically switches to satellite. Through this seamless stream switch, farmers gain improved guidance uptime, taking from the best of both worlds and boosting productivity through RTK level corrections - without any additional software or mindspace.

“By enabling stream switching, farmers will have more uptime, potentially eliminating downtime due to loss of signal,” said Olivier Casabianca, vice president, Trimble Positioning Services.

This feature is available to farmers who have an active modem and a current Trimble RTX subscription by updating their NAV-900 or NAV-500 receiver to the latest firmware. Farmers can now simply switch the signal source to automatic, and it's ready to go.

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