Fungicides applied to corn with a DJIT40 drone delivered a higher ROI on average than fungicides applied on the ground according to a 2023 Beck's Practical Farm Research (PFR) study. Beck's researchers note that a few key factors were at play during the first-year study. 

"None of the testing locations experienced much, if any, disease pressure during the growing season. The fungicide applications were all made in the morning when there was a dew on the leaves, which likely helped compensate for the lower carrier rate of the drone application. The increased concentration of the fungicide from the drone may also play a role in these results. This was a first-year study, and additional years of research and data are needed before making recommendations." 

Check out the results below.

2023 Multi-Location Results

Water Sensitive Cards @ Ear Leaf


2023 Fungicide Application — Ground vs. Drone ROI


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