Unique Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor Helps Eliminate Application Problems

WHEATON, Ill., January 15, 2013 – The new Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor from TeeJet Technologies helps operators improve their spray applications by providing real‐ time, in‐cab droplet size information. Drift or efficacy problems caused by applying droplets that are too large or too small can be better managed with the Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor.

The stand‐alone unit is extremely easy to use. Featuring an image‐based interface, operators simply select the desired spray tip and capacity. Once spraying begins, the monitor measures the boom operating pressure and displays the corresponding droplet size category. Audible and visual alarms are used to notify operators when system pressure deviates from a predetermined range. This enables the operator to adjust ground speed and system pressure to maintain the proper droplet size.

Kits include the console, RAM mount, power cable, sensor cable and pressure sensor. Extension cables are also available.

The Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor recently received an AE50 New Product Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

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