By: Name withheld upon request

I just read the article in Precision Farming Dealer in which Ag Info Tech was identified as the Most Valuable Dealership ("Selling Precision Partnerships with Purpose & Profitability", Precision Farming Dealer, Winter 2015) and would like to offer my congratulations both in this recognition but maybe even more in being able to build your idea into a business.

As a serial entrepreneur I often tell people that unless they have experienced first hand the challenge of introducing a new technology or tech product into the market they have no idea how difficult it is so my hat’s off to you. Beyond that however, as someone currently working to scale a precision type Ag start up, I wanted to thank you for sharing your “10 Precision Farming Mistakes & How to Avoid Them”.

Some of your 10 points reinforced paths we thought were correct, and several were good ideas that we need to start or put more emphasis on.

In spite of there being some differences (our customer base is more in the West, our focus is ranching rather than farming and we’re a product provider rather than a dealer with multiple product lines) there was still a remarkable amount of value in your article that is very applicable for us.

We’re at the point of having developed the technology and the products, have 30+ systems in the field, in some cases with several years of service on them, and are now working to transition from a small regional business into one capable of serving our customer base across the western states.

Thanks to the ongoing drought in many areas of the West, our products, specifically engineered for remote locations without access to utility power which automate water production and distribution, saving labor, reducing costs, eliminating wasted water and allowing fuller utilization of rangeland are starting to receive more attention but still work to do to find the correct paths to address the larger market.

If you ever find yourself out here in AZ or NM with a bit of time to spare I’d very much enjoy meeting you and if time allows show you one of our ground breaking systems.

At any rate, thank you for the advice you shared and congratulations again on your success.