Returning from an educational and enriching visit to present our 2018 Most Valuable Dealership (MVD) award last week, I’ve had time to reflect on the reasons why our independent judging panel selected the winner of the 6th annual program.

One of the reasons I enjoy making these trips each year is because each one is different, reinforcing the fact that there are multiple pathways to precision profitability. In the case of the 2018 winner, they’ve cultivated a culture rooted in old fashioned customer service, while also using advanced metrics to measure service performance and accountability.

When asked what the single most important aspect of precision farm equipment retailing that dealers must focus on if they plan to survive and thrive today and into the future, this year's MVD precision farming manager simply says, “ROI.”

The answer is as blunt as it is true, especially as the precision farming business becomes more diverse, while at the same time, specialized. These are two trends not lost on the management within the 2018 MVD.   

Talking with those leaders, they spoke at length about not just the need to keep pace with the progress of technology, but also stay one step ahead in terms of training and service. Their customers, and no doubt, yours as well, demand it.

Without revealing too much about our winner — who will be unveiled in the 2018 Precision Farming Dealer Winter print issue — I will say that the organization is intent on growth with a purpose. During the next 3 years, they’ve set revenue goals of 25% growth on the precision equipment side, and 15% growth overall for entire precision business.

Lofty goals? Perhaps, but having had a look at their game plan for achieving that growth, I wouldn’t bet against them.

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