AgEagle has announced an advancement in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) automation and post-flight data processing via its new AgEagle RAPID.

Imagine heading out into the field carrying only the AgEagle flying wing and your tablet or smartphone. AgEagle launches automatically and begins tabulating its own scan patterns as it ascends, adjusting its flight path for wind and other factors, as well as optimizing camera settings such as lens focus and shutter speed — all on the fly.

The entire flight of the AgEagle including launches, field scans and even landings are automatic — and within 15-20 minutes after landing the just captured aerial images are geo-referenced and orthorectified, into a valuable image Mosaic and pushed through RAPID’s cloud-based automated data transfer network directly to the agronomist or consultant’s tablet or smartphone.

Imagine then being able to immediately physically inspect (ie. ground truth) areas of concern found in the imagery by walking directly to their geo-referenced locations in the field — saving a trip back to the office to process the data, as well as a return trip to the field to ground truth the crops. Or imagine the level of service you can provide a grower by having a finalized digital prescription application map within minutes not hours. This is all possible with RAPID.  

“We truly believe that this system is the missing link for UAVs in precision agriculture,” said Bret Chillcot, owner and CEO. “As any seasoned or novice agronomist can tell you, time is always of the essence when we’re talking about fertilizer, fungicide or micronutrient applications – basically any input decision on the farm is extremely time sensitive. It’s amazing how quickly decisions can be made, and how much time RAPID can save both the grower and the agronomist or crop consultant.  All that is required is the AgEagle UAV and a tablet or a smartphone – tools that pretty much every agronomist is already uses.”

AgEagle RAPID is currently available for purchase directly from AgEagle, LLC., as well as from select AgEagle dealerships throughout most of North America as well as Australia, U.K. and various regions of the world. To learn more about AgEagle RAPID, visit or contact AgEagle directly at

Here is a video of RAPID in action: