SASKATOON, SK – NORAC is pleased to announce that the UC5 Spray Height Control system is now compatible with the RAVEN VIPER 4.  After thorough software testing, NORAC engineers have added this display to the list of 17 virtual terminals that have been approved for use with NORAC’s UC5 Spray Height Control system.

“Customers expect that our UC5 ISOBUS compatible system will interface with the latest displays on the market,” said Danea Armstrong, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Service for NORAC Systems International Inc. “We are confident that operators will experience a seamless user interface using a UC5 NORAC system through the RAVEN VIPER 4 display.” 

Although NORAC’s UC5 Spray Height Control system is ISOBUS certified, NORAC completes comprehensive testing before a virtual terminal is added to the approved list. Customers continue to ask for fewer displays in the cab and UC5’s ISOBUS capabilities helps to achieve this. Customers should contact NORAC or their local dealer for additional information.