That family includes the RTK Bridge-C, RTK Bridge-M, and Intuicom’s flagship product, the RTK Bridge-X.

“Intuicom is committed to proving superior network RTK corrections to farmers and precision agriculture operators, regardless of the brand or color of their tractor or their guidance systems,” says Tom Foley, president and CEO of Intuicom, Inc. “We believe that data represents the hub of a farmer’s operation. Yet data requires connectivity, and the RTK Bridge-X delivers unrivaled connectivity—that is our value proposition to precision agriculture manufacturers like Raven.”

About the RTK Bridge-X

Along with providing reliable access to RTK corrections, the RTK Bridge-X can serve as a WiFi hotspot, enabling users to connect other WiFi devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and access the Internet via the RTK Bridge-X’s robust cellular connection. 

To aid in simplifying the configuration process, the RTK Bridge-X can now be configured through a wireless connection using any Web browser for cable-free configuration. Users can access email, send files, and perform other Internet-based tasks using the connections options provided by the RTK Bridge-X. When combined with the RTK Bridge-X Bluetooth Receiver, operators can avoid the time-consuming task of running cumbersome cables and achieve wireless connectivity for all their systems requiring RTK corrections.”

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