AgReliant Genetics announced a new collaboration with Weather Trends International. earlier this week.

Weather Trends International is a weather forecasting and trends firm that provides weather predictions day-by-day, week-to week, 11 months ahead for 6.4 million locations around the globe.

This relationship allows AgReliant Genetics the ability to offer its customers unique weather predictions with over 84% accuracy in order to optimize on-farm management decisions. Enhanced weather information will also add to the functionality of Advantage Acre, AgReliant Genetics’ precision agriculture platform set for launch in the 2015 growing season.

“Weather is the factor in agriculture that has a direct impact in every element of a farmer’s business,” said Noah Freeman, AgReliant Genetics Manager of Precision Technologies. “By working with Weather Trends, we are able to provide unique, highly accurate weather models to growers, giving them a clearer picture of future conditions and more confidence in making proactive decisions on their farm.”

AgReliant Genetics is the first seed company to collaborate with Weather Trends, a company that has been developing its software and providing highly accurate forecasts to a variety of industries including retail and financial organizations.

“We are very excited about the AgReliant collaboration and bringing our unique statistical, math-based weather trending technology and analytics to the agricultural community,” said Bill Kirk, CEO and Co-founder of Weather Trends International. “This is the same technology used by our large corporate clients like Coca-Cola, Target, 3M, Anheuser-Busch, Unilever and many others for the past 12 years.”

“When we first met with AgReliant, they quickly understood the value of our technology for farmers, how it was very different than traditional weather forecasting firms and how it could help farmers plan proactively for the season ahead rather than react when it’s too late. When we learned of the Advantage Acre plan, we knew we had to build this relationship to help farmers across the country and beyond,” said Kirk.

AgReliant Genetics’ brand customers who are interested in receiving long-term forecasts and in depth information at a reduced subscription rate should contact their local brand sales representative.