Mojow Autonomous Solutions, a developer of autonomous software for agricultural machines, announced today a partnership with tractor manufacturer, Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries. Over the past six months, Versatile and Mojow have been working together to validate Mojow’s autonomous navigation controller — Eyebox — on the comprehensive range of Versatile tractor models.

Working collaboratively with the engineering team at Versatile has expedited the development of Mojow’s autonomous navigation controller and application to tractors. With a direct line to Versatile engineering staff, Mojow has quickly and efficiently taken command of all tractor functions through the CANbus on the tractor, including steering, propulsion, exterior lights, ignition and activation of hydraulic remotes.

“We are working directly with a resourceful team of engineers from Versatile who are experts on the inner workings of their tractor lineup. This relationship will streamline integration for quick turnaround to market viability,” says Mojow President, Owen Kinch.

For the past three months, a Versatile high horsepower four-wheel drive has been operating in Alberta with Mojow’s Eyebox controller. The tractor has completed a number of in-field tests in a variety of applications with very promising results.

“Over the past few months, we’ve ran hundreds of tests and proven Eyebox is capable of operating reliably over extended periods of time, with a high-level of operational precision,” Kinch says.

The testing will continue through the summer season, followed by fall validation on a small number of growers’ farms this upcoming season.

“We are excited to support the integration of new technology and take steps toward autonomous operation of Versatile products,” says Adam Reid, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Versatile. “This partnership is mutually beneficial; Mojow will be able to efficiently adapt their technology to our tractors, moving Versatile towards a future of autonomous technology. Versatile has a history of partnering with industry leaders that understand our cornerstones of simplicity, reliability and ease of service and maintenance. That remains true with this partnership as well.”

By automating some of the time-intensive, mundane processes of farming, Eyebox can help increase labor productivity. “Autonomous tractors will be utilized around the clock so there’s less downtime, allowing for peak efficiencies when it comes to completing timely field operations, and enabling farmers to focus on high value tasks,” added Kinch.

Mojow will be demonstrating the Eyebox autonomous navigation controller on a Versatile 610 tractor at the Ag in Motion show in Langham, Saskatchewan, July 18-20, 2023 and the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, August 29-31, 2023.

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