This partnership will allow the integration of a soil-mapping technology that provides practical information about soil’s functionality and productivity within AgReliant’s Advantage Acre precision farming platform.

“Our mission at AgReliant Genetics is to provide the most competitive products from high-quality genetics to our farmer customers,” said Noah Freeman, manager of precision ag technologies. “This soil mapping technology will provide AgReliant and its customers with a better understanding of not just soil characteristics, but how a soil type truly responds to the environment it is in. The relationship between seed and soil is critical as we continue toward our goal of higher productivity and profit potential for our growers.”

Owens said collaborating with an agricultural leader like AgReliant is a tremendous opportunity for both companies and for growers.

“Growers will be able to use the functional maps to relate their responses to soil properties like plant available water, organic carbon content, clay content, the depth of water tables, native nutrient potential, cation exchange capacity and much more,” he said. “This means that today’s crop producers can know things like what varieties to use and how many seeds per acre to plant and where and how much nutrients to use that would work best for that particular crop. This agreement will help both growers and consumers.”

The functional soil mapping technology will be available through the Advantage Acre platform’s beta launch set for February 8. To access this information, visit and create an account. For more information, contact an AgReliant Genetics’ brand seed sales representative in your area.

Technical programming of the Advantage Acre platform has been made possible through collaboration with Spensa Technologies of Purdue Research Park.

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