eBobBinMaster announces new eBob software that is compatible with both solid and liquid level sensors used on bins, tanks and silos. Now, managers can use a single program to gather real-time inventory data from different types of storage vessels and receive automated alerts when levels reach a point of replenishment or are approaching full status.

The new eBob software allows for configuring vessels of various shapes and sizes, including horizontal tanks, split silos, and non-linear tanks that can be difficult to configure and monitor. A simple wizard that contains drawings of each tank type is easy to setup to ensure accurate results. Bulk density properties as well as strapping tables can be entered for vessels containing solids, while specific gravity is entered for liquid tanks. Once setup is complete, vessels can be sorted by name, contents, or alert level and can be easily moved about the screen for sorting based on user preferences.

eBob software helps customers more effectively manage inventory levels without having to manually inspect and measure each vessel, saving valuable time while optimizing material levels and storage capacity. It is highly affordable inventory tracking for any size of operation using computer-based technology to provide detailed information. Instead of climbing vessels or visiting sites to obtain manual readings, customers can log on to a personal computer, log-in using their unique password, and then view real-time data on their bins.

The new eBob software can exist on a single PC or it can be installed across a local area network (LAN) on multiple PCs. The multi-site feature supports any number of sites and vessels across the company regardless of location, so long as they are accessible via the company's private network. The network can be limited to a single office building or can include multiple office buildings so long as they are connected through the LAN, allowing access to real-time data from a single, synchronized database.

The data from all remote sites resides in a SQL database on a server at the corporate office. Workstations loaded with eBob software are located at any number of sites to allow personnel at any site to monitor inventory via the network. The software is compatible with XP Pro, Vista Business and Windows 7. It is easy to use and requires no special training or support.