OLATHE, Kan. — The John Deere Operations Center is a set of online tools that enable growers to easily access farm information for better management of their operations. Users are able to see performance over time and collaborate with partners to gain insights, increase profits and direct their plans with more precision in the field.

The new software release for the Operations Center allows growers to reduce their reliance on desktop software (such as Apex) and to eventually adopt one system for their farm data management needs. This update will also more seamlessly connect in-cab monitoring technology such as SeedStar Mobile with Job Monitor and the 4600 CommandCenter Display.

“The latest release of the John Deere Operations Center is a big step forward for our customers,” says Tyler Hogrefe, senior product manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “We’re making machine and agronomic information available to users where they want it and when they need it. Users will be able see how their operation is performing, direct and adjust operations in the field, and seamlessly collaborate with trusted partners in order to increase efficiency and profitability.”

The new tools and features available in the Operations Center include:

  • Prescription Creator by Agrian — New functionality added by a connected partner (Agrian) to the Operations Center so that growers can easily make management zones and variable rate prescriptions for seeding and application operations.
  • 4600 CommandCenter doc data compatibility — Agronomic data captured from the 4600 CommandCenter can now be stored and viewed in Operations Center.
  • SeedStar Mobile integration with Job Monitor — New functionality in Job Monitor offers growers the ability to remotely monitor planter performance through the use of SeedStar Mobile and continue to view that performance information after a job is done.
  • New Notifications Center — The Notifications Center replaces the Recent Activity Panel to provide a place to contain alerts, notifications and other information, with the ability to filter those messages.
  • Data cleanup tools — New editing functionality available for users to adjust documentation data received, such as crop type, variety and crop season.
  • Setup Builder enhancements — Capabilities of the Setup Builder are improved to include new functions such as templates and profiles.
  • Shapefile export of application data New ability to export all application data from Operations Center as a shapefile.

“The most significant update is our partnership with Agrian, which gives our customers an opportunity to optimize their placement of inputs through the Prescription Creator,” explains Hogrefe. “This closely-integrated tool, available at no extra cost, allows growers and their consultants to easily construct management zones and variable rate prescriptions based on yield and moisture data. Prescriptions based on soil types will also be made available later in February 2016.”

The resulting prescription is then available in the Operations Center where it can be sent directly to the machines through Wireless Data Transfer (via JDLink Connect) or Mobile Data Transfer, downloaded to a USB stick, or shared with a partner directly within the application.

“The new software for the Operations Center also shows our commitment to opening up our platform to new apps and software that end-users are requesting,” says Hogrefe. “We are committed to providing the best information through the John Deere Operations Center to help our customers gain more efficiency and profitability in their operations. The Prescription Creator by Agrian is the first of many partner tools that will be made available to users through the Operations Center in the future.”

For more information about the new software update in the Operations Center,  visit www.JohnDeere.com.