Lehmann Aviation released its new long range data modem, compatible with all L-A Series drones. With this new functionality, L-A Series drones (especially the LA300AG for precision agriculture) gain the same operational capabilities as their 4-5 times more expensive competitors.

This new long range data modem can optionally substitute the WI-FI data link connection, which the L-A Series drones are coming with. The modem provides a secured data connection at a range of up to 3-5km (1.9-3.1miles), as well as the additional way to control the aircraft (ex. cancelling the mission or engaging the auto-return any time during the flight), which is now obligatory in a number of countries.

Lehmann Aviation makes affordable and high performance drones for professionals which the company has already sold to hundreds of customers worldwide. The L-A series now includes:

- LA200 (1,770€ or $1,770): aerial photo for long range missions (up to 3km/1.86 miles)

- LA200B (2,490€ or $2,490): video for production companies (up to 5km/3.1 miles)

- LA300 (2,890€ or $2,890): mapping for mining and construction (up to 25km/15.5miles)

- LA300AG (7,990€ or $7,990): for precision agriculture (coming with MicaSense multispectral camera)

LA300 and LA300AG, designed for mapping and precision agriculture, are company's bestsellers and are becoming leaders in their respective markets, thanks to their high performance, ease of use and affordable price.

All L-A Series drones, coming with 1 year warranty, are compatible with the new long range data modem, priced at 590€ ($590 for the Americas).